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Updated: Mar 16, 2021

We are very proud to share with you our website. We hope to help many clients to find their dream horse !

We like to share with you some of our clients words:

I have find my horse with precious dressage horses team. Due to COVID I was not able to go to see my horse myself. I'm so happy because he's exactly what I was looking for!

Like Astrid, feel free to contact us, to find your dream PREcious Dressage Horse!

How are our horses?

All our horses are waranted breed and own by serious peoples only. Our horses are well handled, like to be ridden (for the adults ones) you can have so much fun and hapiness in buying a horse from us. (#PREciousdressagehorse, #andalusianhorse, #iberianhorses).

We cannot wait to hear what you need and trying our best to help you !

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