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PREcious Dressage Horses 


The horse world is a very technical world in which it is necessary to have extensive knowledge when acquiring a horse, whether it is intended for sport, recreation, or breeding.

The idea therefore arose to bring our equestrian knowledge to your service, to research and support our clients during their projects.

Because your request is our priority, and because above all it is the same passion that binds us: Our PREcious Horses!




Carrie is a profesionnal breeder of Pure Spanish Andalusians horses since 2011, and equine consultant since 2007.

She have her own stud farm of Spanish Andalusians horses near Deauville, France.




Marine is a professionnel rider. She have a training farm in Spain, near Sevilla. She do high school training, to bring horses to Grand Prix and Prix Saint George. She also start to breed Spanish Andalusians PRE horses since 2020 near Sevilla, Spain.